Socctoberfest Tournament

Socctoberfest is hosted by Roadrunners SC October 1-3, 2021, but played at a new venue this year all in one location, at Stuart Park in Aurora/Montgomery and will be paid out via GoPay the week after the tournament.
Pay scales:

Age Minutes Center AR
5v5 or 4v42x20$25

If you would like to work the tournament you need to do the following:

  • Join the Midwest Referee group in (#1387; soccer). *
  • Fill out the following form so we know your preferences.

Also helpful:

  • Add yourself to the "tournaments" league in **
  • Set your availability in for the weekend of the tournament. **
* There are instructions on the homepage of this website if you need them.
** There's a video on the tournaments news item on the homepage of the group in
Note: See the news items for the Midwest Referee Manual to answer any questions.